Citizen Blogger

June 17, 2005


You stand on the corner
worrying for the next generation
and hell bent on making it better
with murder and destruction.

Do you have a thought to call your own?
So many minds are deciding
what is right and who is wrong,
but there you stand all alone.

Waiting to die,
bleeding for lies.
There are no tears in the eyes
when the terrorist cries.

Your self proclaimed leaders
with their twisted sense of peace
have you running scared
through your own beliefs.
They're interpreting your fears
and numbering your years.

So with one hand in your jacket
a clinching fist sweats on the flame,
and you'll burn the problem
as the heat decides the blame.

How many more will you kill?
Do you want to take us all?
Why place such hate in a God of good?
Why believe God's will is to see us fall?
Sometimes I find it hard to believe
that you believe in a God at all.

We are not the demons they tell you we are!
Not killing to improve life, destroying what’s new.
So to the hunter, from the hunted, I want you to know
that God's path for me involves a sorrow for you.

To all who carry faith in God, in all Religions and in all languages,
may God's love strengthen your heart and protect it from Mans' hate.
-'86, Anonymous

When I recently read the above, it reminded me of an
old favorite quote from the end of Walden; it makes a
nice companion piece:
"The light which puts out our eyes is darkness to us"
-1854, Henry David Thoreau